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  Matt With Dresser  
Here is an expert in restoration, touch up, repair, surgery, and decoration of fine furniture and art. With over 20 years of experience serving homeowners and office managers who prefer to preserve, restore or alter their furnishings rather than replace what they have and love.
I work in your office or home or in my Chicago’s South Loop area workshop as needed. I pick up and deliver as needed. I am always courteous, prompt, presentable and communicative and am always ready with problem-solving ideas.

Call me or e-mail me (with photos of your projects if possible) to discuss how I can be of service.
  Writing Desk  

Interior Detailing

Including touch-up & repair for areas of furniture, woodwork, doors, walls, flooring, signs, framed and sculpted objects that are missing, pitted, rotted, scarred, discolored, paint-spattered or need varnish


Touch-up & repair of painted walls, furniture, paintings, and other painted art objects
Before Touch-Up
After Touch-Up

Repairs And Alterations

Squeaky drawers, leaning doors or a desk that is ready to fall apart - I'll do expert repairs every time.

Refinishing, Restoration, Touch-Up & Preservation of Antique or Modern Furniture, Woodwork, Doors, Art Frames & More

  Stereo Cabinet

Oak Table
  Nothing is too small - Nothing is too complicated for my experience

This hutch was covered in thick white paint (above)

Painting - Guilding - Altering

  Steamer Trunk

  Cover any surface with an eye-catching custom paint job or painted effect. Keep it simple and/or use guilding (metal leaf) trims, tiles, laminates, inlays to create something special. We're only limited by our imagination.

Two piece plaster cast for a glass table top with feaux marble paint
Click on image above for more detail
  Painted Chest - Before and After  

Alterations - Built Ins

Turn an alcove into a display cabinet or book shelves. Reconfigure the inside of any cabinet to better serve your needs. Make a table to fit a corner or the unused space under a window. How do you want to change your space?
Empty Wall

Plant Shelf